The Mother Earth


The BHUUMI mission is to empower it’s users to be independent entrepreneurs who will prosper, learn and grow. BHUUMI will provide an infrastructure that creates and supports entrepreneurs worldwide.


BHUUMI is a worldwide phenomenon providing a "Route out of Poverty" BHUUMI Entrepreneurs will be given access to finances based on the principle of microlending. Individuals with little or no collateral who have unlimited ideas and potential to serve their community will be ideal BHUUMI Entrepreneurs. They will be provided with support through education and training.


BHUUMI will provide opportunities
where none existed, in an environment
that supports all it’s users while
returning profits back to the people.


BHUUMI has a singular, vast and
limitless potential to effect positive
change in people's lives.

BHUUMI, 21st century —


Take this exciting opportunity to join a company with unlimited potential to make a difference for
the good of humanity. We are looking for talented and passionate individuals from all backgrounds
and career paths to help us build the company, market our vision, and empower our users.