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Eli Dent

11 months ago

Hello! My name is Eli Dent and when we went into the Quarantine Lock Down my soccer-inspired sports company, Kickit, sprang into action. We believed our products could serve as an outlet for all of the young athletes and families out there who's organized sports/activities got canceled and could also help to generate additional revenue for those in need. So we initiated a campaign called Kickit Forward. This campaign was designed with a two-pronged approach. In one way our audience could generate additional income by spreading the word about their experience with our products. With the resulting income, we provided them with the ability to either keep the rewards if they needed it, or they could Kickit Forward by donating those rewards to organizations in need. At the time we focused on Feeding America. We saw a significant number of signups for this program. In addition to our Kickit Forward campaign, we ran live-stream demonstrations and classes for the kids at home. We teamed up with local education programs like this after school coding program, Cyber Studio, from Ashley River Creative Arts Elementary in Charleston, SC and held a "stand up and kickit" session after they finished their coding class. This was designed to help our future leaders recognize the importance of physical activity and giving them a fun outlet to do so. When the body moves, the brain grooves! These are a few of the ways my company pivoted to respond to the dramatic changes our community faced. We provide ways to stay active at home and ways for those in need to generate some additional income. You can learn more about Kickit through instagram @kickitsport or facebook @KickitSportOfficial