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Kindal Boyle

5 months ago

For the past decade, my husband and I have owned a Charleston based fitness studio for women focusing on strength training and nutrition through small group classes and building a tight community. Like many fitness studios, 2020 knocked us down fast. Our membership was cut by over 60% ... But we fought back. We refused to give up on our passion and instead, changed how we delivered classes. We began offering live, streaming classes for our members and opened doors to women outside of Charleston. From the feedback, we created a new business... Fit Women's Weekly Live. We took our studio online to build the same tight community, the same level of personalized coaching but offered to women throughout the US. It's been life changing for so many reasons and still a struggle building a new business in these times. But I love what I do and regardless of the studio, I'll continue to help women hit their goals. To say we pivoted is an understatement. In January, I set this as a 5 year goal. In April, it turned into be a 5 month goal. We had our lemons and are making lemonade. Thank you for reading and considering me and my business. I'd be happy to share more.