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Erin Taylor

2 months ago

I quit my corporate job in January 2020 with the intension of investigating a few opportunities for my own business. The same month I launched my website, Ambitious Solutions, COVID showed up in full force. While the first year of business is never easy, COVID added an extra layer, and my idea of local in-person networking being the primary place to gain clients, went out the window. I have used the opportunity to move all business online and discover new online tools to take the place of the in-person sessions I had originally planned. Many businesses realized this summer that their online tools may be lacking which is where I help. Ambitious Solutions helps upgrade business operations to save you time and provide a sense of relief by taking your overwhelming to-do list and moving it online. With my 10 years of project management experience, I work with small handcrafted product-based businesses by doing the hard work of setting up the system and automations so they can reach their goals without sacrificing time with loved ones. Erin Taylor, Ambitious Solutions, IG: @ambitioussolutions