I became tired and unfulfilled by climbing the corporate ladder. I craved freedom, flexibility, and impact driven work. After 11 years in corporate, I quit. Unknowingly this jump occurred just as the pandemic hit the US. Just as many other business owners, I had to shift from in-person to online. My experience as a technical project manager has allowed me to master my task list organization skills and pinpoint what works for small businesses. I’ve added new tools to my repertoire to change my business model from in-person to online. My mission is to empower creative business owners to aspire to a bigger vision by clearing the chaos of day-to-day work through systems. I believe in empowering, not only through my services, but also through my business bank account. A portion of my gross income will be donated to organizations that empower others, locally and nationally. My first year in business (2020) my donation was sent to Justice360 South Carolina. Erin Taylor, Ambitious Solutions, www.ambitious-solutions.com IG: @ambitioussolutions