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Tish Voit

1 year

Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur Award Nominee - bliss Spiritual Co-op, 1163 Pleasant Oaks Drive, Mt. Pleasant 29464, FB: @blissmountpleasant, Twitter: @blissspiritualIn IG: @blissspiritualcoop  Website: In February 2020, bliss hosted 168 ONSITE classes, won the Jefferson Award for outstanding public service and celebrated our 7 year Anniversary.  We installed new flooring in the retreat house.  We hired a Director of Operations and began dream incubation of the bliss Business Studio to help bliss Facilitators and other business entrepreneurs market their gifts to an expanded audience in a more professional way.  Who could have imagined what came next... The bliss Board voted to close our retreat house until May but developing news led to longer closings. We began the daunting task of expanding our support by uploading our classes online to aid with community connectedness during self distancing isolation. We began a soft reopening in June adding back 3-5 ONSITE sharings per week but much had changed since our closing in March. Thorough cleanings were implemented, hand sanitizer supplied, Participants used their cell phone for safer ONSITE sign-in, the hospitality bar was closed, chairs were removed and seating charts with maximum attendee requirements were posted in each room. Participants with Covid-19 symptoms were asked to stay at home and encouraged to join the classes ONLINE to combat feelings of desperation and separation.  In June and July we were only averaging 10 ONSITE Participants/week and with Covid 19 numbers on the rise the bliss Board voted to close again for the month of August. Behind the scenes in August we were busy discerning and developing three main areas of focus: COMMUNITY REBUILDINGOur collective Emotional Health was continually being challenged by recent world events and the biggest killer, isolation.  We began brainstorming a new programming format called Wellbeing Sessions which would offer private 1 on 1 ONSITE appointments which feature a variety of healing practitioners and modalities. In addition, we began hosting Movie Club nights and weekly Tuesday luncheons outside in the bliss Backyard. COLLABORATION BEYONDNot all of our classes are facilitated by Charlestonians anymore.  In this Brave New World of Connectivity we have opened our dream incubation services to ANYONE in the world who wishes to collaborate their blissful passions with us. We are learning from and expanding our programming to include other non-profits with similar aspirations. FUN fundRAISING OPPORTUNITIESWe hosted an outdoor Blues Bash, an Art Sale, the Fall Yard Sale with Vendors, an Astrological Intensive, Cultural Immersion Dinner and multiple Anxiety Hacks Workshops to provide FUN ways to support our co-op. In September, we re-established regular business hours holding space for anyone who is ready to connect again even when there are no ONSITE classes scheduled.  Returning and new facilitators are offering an ever wider variety of both ONSITE and ONLINE sharings each week. Participants are learning how to navigate and enjoy the convenience of ONLINE classes. More familiar and new friends are choosing to join us each week for ONSITE offerings. We now have the capability to watch any of our ONLINE classes together at bliss using ONSITE TV monitors for anyone craving a small group experience. We are expanding and growing together as a co-op while holding space until each Participant feels that it is safe for their return.  Each new presence is a source for celebration and gratitude.